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Lipedema – Video and Information


I would like to share with you an excellent video covering Lipedema.

lipedema5Lipedema is a painful fat disorder and if left untreated can cause multiple secondary health problems, to include mobility issues and Lymphedema.  The quality of life, emotionally and physically, for individuals affected by Lipedema is often decreased due to the fact that the condition is typically dismissed as simple obesity by clinicians unfamiliar with the symptoms.  Many women are affected by this disorder, often without knowing why their legs and hips are growing bigger with lumpy, painful fat.

This short video on Lipedema (Lipoedema in the UK) covers the causes of this disorder, the effects of Lipedema on the lymphatic system and current treatment options.  It includes patients,  researchers  and medical personnel who are on the leading edge of creating awareness and treatment options.

Watch this video by clicking here

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4 comments to Lipedema – Video and Information

  • Angie Roberts

    Can this occur unilaterally in an arm after an injury???? THanks!

  • chaz ward

    I don’t know about lipedema but lymphedema is somewhat common after surgery or injury in the arms. especially in women after breast cancer surgery i have lymphedema and what i told you came strait from my dr’s mouth

  • Renata Roos

    Thank you for a excellent video on lipedema. I suffer from this condition for 36 years.. I am a Neuroflexologist and can use this information to understand myself and my patients better.
    Kindest regards

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