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New Edition of Lymphedema Management Book



Steve Norton and I are excited to announce our new, 4th edition of the textbook Lymphedema Management; The Comprehensive Guide for Practitioners!

Our publisher’s petition for a 4th edition was a clear indication that awareness and treatment for lymphedema are rapidly expanding in the United States and the English-speaking world. The new 600-page book continues its clean design of color-coded sections for anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology, which are followed by an enlarged section on comprehensive treatment, patient education (self-treatment), and finally a practical section on administration for use in clinics; 225 pages and over 100 new illustrations were added to this new edition.

Steve Norton, Joachim (Joe) Zuther

We are also thrilled to share that the 3rd edition was recently translated and published in Japanese and Turkish, which is very exciting since it furthers access to this expert knowledge base by reaching patients and clinicians in Asia and Europe.

This updated edition continues to be a valuable resource and guide for all levels of lymphatic knowledge. For students becoming therapists, this book is a relevant and useful source for information and training. For health professionals and researchers needing concise, clearly written and informative sections as well as seasoned clinicians in need of a quick, well-referenced guide. Patients will find this new edition useful, since it provides detailed instructions on self-Manual Lymph Drainage, self-bandaging, exercise, skin care, information on pneumatic compression, and much more.

In the fourth edition, the previous chapters have been updated by current contributors with the latest, most relevant resources and research findings; new contributors, all well-known and highly respected in the field of lymphology, added new, exciting and relevant content.
While many pages, tables and illustrations were added, the book is still kept at a manageable size.

Current contributor updates include the following topic areas:

  • Head and neck lymphedema,
  • Breast and trunk lymphedema,
  • Pediatric lymphedema,
  • Cording
  • Elastic taping,
  • CDT and obesity,
  • CDT for cancer survivors,
  • Evaluation of lymphedema patients,
  • Exercise guidelines,
  • Imaging and genetics,
  • Quality of life, as well as research in the field of lymphedema,
  • Updates on ICD-10 codes.

New contributors and topics include:

Susan Allen, OT, Dawn Brinkmann, OT, Elizabeth Harkins, PT
:  Contributed a new topic entitled “Lymphedema Therapy in the Home” aimed at the growing ranks of home care focused practitioners encountering lymphedema and other combined edema with tips about the required adaptations to therapy.

Frank Aviles Jr., PT: Added a much expanded discussion on advanced wound care options as part of an integrated treatment system for the lower extremities.

John Beckwith, PT expanded his section on “Edema Solutions for Wound Specialists” with discussions on the Rationale for MLD in Wound Healing and compression while using a Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) vacuum.

Joy Cohn, PT: Added a new section called “Fitting Garments upon delivery” which addresses the all-important transition from the intensive phase to self management phase and the critical aspects of proper fit, manufacture and function of garments as well as patient autonomy.

Jay Granzow, MD: expanded the discussion on “Surgical options as part of an integrated treatment system for lymphedema”, to include vascularized lymph node transfer (VLNT), anastomosis and bypass techniques, suction assisted protein lipectomy (SAPL), combined and staged surgeries.

Karen Herbst, MD: Added a much expanded discussion on Lipedema and other related disorders (Dercum’s disease, Madelung’s disease).

Julie Soderberg, PT: Added a new topic related to the role of the CLT who works closely with surgeons employing specialized lymphatic procedures as a new lymphedema therapy protocol.

Nicole Stout, DPT: Added a section on “Early Intervention and Conservative Therapy” to highlight the growing importance of identifying lymphedema through prospective surveillance and modifying therapy appropriately.

Steve Norton added two news section titled “Pediatric Lymphedema and Adapting CDT to the Pediatric Patient”. These sections discuss the etiology of lymphedema in children and the importance of proper diagnosis when lymphedema presents either solely or in combination with vascular anomalies. He discusses intervention with therapy which requires significant and staged modifications depending upon age, parental ability and caretaker oversight as well as the focus on and appropriate selection of each treatment modality.

Joachim Zuther expands on the section on “Sequential Intermittent Pneumatic Compression”, its contraindications and how these devices may be integrated into the management of lymphedema. Sections on how a well-tailored exercise regimen can benefit the lymphedema patient are expanded on as well.

The new edition can be ordered on the LymphedemaStore website, the publishers website, Amazon and other book sellers.


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4 comments to New Edition of Lymphedema Management Book

  • Where is the link to buy the book?

  • Congratulations for the New Edition of Lymphedema Management Book!

    Lymphedema is an underdiagnoses and undertreated condition affecting many people. To get answers, some of them are turning to the Lymphedema Association of Quebec (LAQ) – a Canadian organization serving French and English speaking patients.

    As Head of Communication/Translation for the LAQ, I’m offering our expertise to translate your book in French, so you can better reach patients in Quebec, Canada (provinces with French speaking communities), France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland and French-speaking nations of Africa.

    I’m proud of the special expertise developed within the LAQ in the field of translation from English to French for Lymphedema/Lymphodiseases documents.
    As of now I have deliver translations to:
    – Pathways – Canada’s Lymphedema magazine published by the Canadian Lymphedema Framework (CLF) (Contact: Anna Kennedy)
    – CLF’s Lymphedema booklet (Contact: Dr Anna Towers and Anna Kennedy)
    – National Lymphedema Network booklet created by Nicole Stout’s – all the information to new patients (Contact: Patricia Egan)
    – L’infoAQL – Quebec’s magazine for French community (Contact : Rachel Pritzker)
    – Australasian Lymphology Association – informative posts (Contact: Monique Bareham)
    – Survey and consultation for Health Government services in Quebec – specific to lymphedema
    – Promotional material for LE&RN – Lymphedema day (Contact : Steve Kelland)
    – Revision for BSN – Garment provider
    – Miscellaneous scientific copies to feed our Facebook page:

    If you ever decide to translate “Lymphedema Management” into French, we would be very glad to be part of the project. Let me know of your interest.

    In the meantime, I’m asking your authorisation to translate from English to French the article The Role of Various Exercise Modalities in the Treatment of Lymphedema, so we can share it with our French speaking community on Facebook.

    Hoping to work with you to better help the lymphedema patients around the world.

    Anne-Marie Joncas
    Director of Communications
    Association québécoise du lymphoedème
    Lymphedema Association of Québec
    450 473-7371

    • Joachim Zuther

      Dear Anne-Marie: I forwarded your message to my publisher. As soon as I hear back from them, I will contact you. Thank you, Joe