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New Publication on Lymphedema


It is with great pleasure to announce that the third edition of the textbook “Lymphedema Management” is now published and available.



The first two editions authored by Joachim Zuther have enjoyed wide distribution, aiding thousands of practitioners and patients worldwide, and this new edition represents an exciting step forward for the field of lymphedema therapy.

In addition to all features presented in the previous editions, which have been updated, some topics have been extensively revised.

Updated topics include:

Anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the lymphatic system, venous insufficiencies, lipedema, axillary web syndrome, Klippel-Trenaunay and Parkes-Weber syndromes, and wounds.

Expanded and revised features include:

Filariasis, surgical and pharmaceutical treatment options, edema versus lymphedema, lymphedema risk reduction, obesity as it relates to lymphedema, radiation induced brachial plexopathy, nutritional aspects of lymphedema, low level laser therapy, intermittent compression therapy, care for compression bandages and garments, truncal lymphedema and diagnosis. Treatment sequences for primary and secondary lymphedema affecting the extremities, trunk, genitalia and head/neck area have been extensively updated as well.

Various highly experienced and respected contributors have been added to the existing list of  exceptional contributors for this book; new contributors include Jane Armer, who also wrote the foreword, Judith Nudelman, Marga Massey, Michael Bernas, Janice Cormier, Maureen Mc Beth, and many more.

Steve Norton, a well respected lymphedema educator in the U.S., collaborated with Joachim Zuther as co-author on this third (and any forthcoming) edition. With this statement the two authors hope to strongly reflect their unity and shared vision in regard to Complete Decongestive Therapy as the gold standard in lymphedema therapy. Their two respective schools, the Academy of Lymphatic Studies and the Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy, will align in using this textbook as their respective course guides. The authors are confident that this collaboration and alliance will contribute to the commitment to advancement in the field of lymphedema therapy.

The new contributors, many of whom are internationally recognized practicing clinicians have added the following features:

Expanded diagnosis and evaluation, lymphedema taping, expanded treatment of the head and neck, trunk and external genitalia (male and female), treatment and compression strategies for patients with wounds, paralyzed limbs, morbid obesity, and advanced-stage involvement, to include a multitude of treatment adaptations and nuances (foam, step-by-step instructions, garment selection and adaptation). New sections also include, lymphatic imaging, quality of life issues, surgical options (reconstruction, liposuction) and lymphatic microsurgery.

This new edition is published in a larger format (11” x 8”) than the previous two editions and presents a great contribution to the literature with the chief objective of providing thorough information on lymphedema, and ensuring the future of safe and effective therapy for patients affected by this condition.

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3 comments to New Publication on Lymphedema

  • molly morris

    hi joe,
    any chance you can get a kindle version?
    I have the second edition but it looks as if the 3rd has lots of new information.

    thanks and happy new year,
    molly morris, otr/l, clt

    • Joachim Zuther

      Dear Molly: The new edition is indeed much expanded and contains many more subject matters. The second edition was available as Kindle, but so far the third is not. This is a decision made by the publisher.

  • molly morris

    thank you joe,
    I’ll wait impatiently, ( :

    kind regards,

    p.s. in the meantime, is there a text or information on clearing certain areas of the body in order to clear other areas. for example, the connection between the forearm and hand, calf and foot, buttocks and low belly. I am noticing those connections in every patient I work with but would like research to back this up.

    thanks and feel so grateful to have taken your course in 2009.