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Update on H.R. 4662 – the Lymphedema Treatment Act

I am pleased to share with you that the brand new Lymphedema Treatment Act Website is now up and running. This important website thoroughly informs readers on the finer points of H.R. 4663, the Lymphedema Diagnosis and Treatment Cost Savings Act of 2010, which was introduced by Congressman Larry Kissel.

It also informs individuals affected by lymphedema, their caregivers, therapists, doctors and anyone whose life has been touched by lymphedema on how to get involved to help passing this bill. The site provides suggested content and instructions on how to send a letter to Congress, Representatives and Senators to ask them for their support for this important bill. There is also a link that provides a list of current members of the Congress, to include email addresses.

Please visit  – get involved and spread the word.

I would also like to share some links to news coverage on H.R. 4662

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2 comments to Update on H.R. 4662 – the Lymphedema Treatment Act

  • I was diagnosed with lymphedema this year. I have not ever had cancer and I know of no one in my family that has had it. I do not think I had this in 2007 when I had a robotic surgery for a hysterectomy and have since had back surgery, a rod being put in place in my spine. I believe this occured following the hysterectomy surgery. I have been seeing a lymphedema therapist for this and have gone thorugh leg wrappings and also own compression boots while awaiting to hear from Medicaid to have compression socks made for me, Medicare has already denied me for these. I would like to know what the very latest findings are, has a cure been found, is there better treatments available? I am getting quite depressed with this, the summer months only seems to bring on more severe swelling and many more bathroom trips during the night. It is an interesting affliction however and I love researching but I am not finding too much new about this. Please inform.

    Thank You