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Resources for Lymphedema

We all know the importance of good and reliable resources on lymphedema and its treatment. Good and comprehensive information on this condition is especially important for those individuals affected by lymphedema.

Some lymphedema sufferers seeking advice and guidance from medical professionals are confronted with the fact that some doctors and health professionals have limited or no knowledge about lymphedema and the correct management of this condition.

As a result, lymphedema may be misdiagnosed and improperly treated.

A lot has happened in terms of awareness, education and treatment of lymphedema during the last 15 years. Many excellent resources on this condition are available, both in print and online. Thousands of health care professionals were trained in lymphedema management, and networks and support groups for patients affected with lymphedema are available throughout the country.

Despite this progress, many times it is up to the patient to inform and educate health care professionals about the facts related to lymphedema. Good information from reputable resources can be used for this purpose; an article that appeared last year in the “Cancer Journal for Clinicians”, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society (ACA), is one of these examples. The article is labeled

“Lymphedema: A primer on the identification and management of a chronic condition in oncologic treatment”.

This excellent paper provides comprehensive information on

– the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system
– causes of lymphedema
– the different stages of lymphedema
– how lymphedema is properly diagnosed (symptoms and signs)
– the proper treatment and long-term management of lymphedema
precautions for patients suffering from lymphedema

The information contained in this article may be useful for those of you seeking comprehensive information – here is the link:

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6 comments to Resources for Lymphedema

  • jeanne giampa pt

    HI Joe,
    Do you happen to have anything written up FOR doctors re: infection and which medications are best for cellulitis? I know Dr. Feldman had a good article in the NLN several years back ( “The Challenge of Infection” or something like that) -I think it would be really nice to have something written up that we can send to doctors that did not have this training in school. I had a patient that was going to volunteer on a mission trip to Guatemala for 2 months and I wanted her doc to write her an Rx for an antibiotic to take with her and the doctor did not want to do it -she thinks that ” antibx are overprescribed”. I talked to her on the phone and she did agree. (By the way, the patient did end up taking it as she did cut her hand while she was there- with no medical facilities within several hours distance.) That was your advice from 1999 and it helped this lady- great job!- Jeanne

    • Joachim Zuther

      Hi Jeanne:

      Good to hear from you and I am glad you like the blog. I would like to refer you to a great article labeled “Demystifying Lymphedema” in the Clinical Journal for Oncology Nursing. On page six of the article, infections are covered, and I think this article is very suitable to hand to physicians – here is the link:


  • Thank you for great articles. I really happy to read your posting and hopping it help for me and other people. Thank you.

  • Britany Pala

    Kudos for the great piece of writing. I am glad I have taken the time to read this.

  • Carole Chazin PhD

    Would you happen to have a complete body diagram of lymphedema network circulation of the back and front and face. In which Self massage which will be useful.