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Short Video Explaining Lymphedema Therapy

I would like to share with you a link to a short video produced by the Nebraska Medical Center. Physical therapist Deana Benjamin explains what a typical lymphedema treatment session might be like and how Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) can help people living with lymphedema. Deana did a great job in explaining the pathology of lymphedema and its treatment with CDT.

Click here to view the video

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3 comments to Short Video Explaining Lymphedema Therapy

  • John Jordi

    Nice site. i will have to view it better at home as we do not have speakers on our computers at work.

  • Very informative site. Very good for our Irish patients. Dolores MLD Therapist, Vodder.

  • What a fantastic video. I became certified in Hospital Based Lymphadema Tx to help me provide more services to the terminally ill clients I visit in hospice care that are unable to do any physical activities and end up with painful pooling of Lymph. The method and attitude behind the therapists disertation on Tx was right on target with the teaching I received. Great job you guys….I am inspired even more now.