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Dear Members of the Lymphedema Community!

My name is Joachim (Joe) Zuther, and as the Founder and Educational Director of the Academy of Lymphatic Studies (ACOLS), it is with distinct pleasure to announce the launch of, an online journal aimed to maintain an ongoing chronicle of information relevant to lymphedema.

While the possibilities of this medium are limitless, the main goal of this journal is to provide up-to-date information and discussion relevant to lymphedema, as well as related conditions and currently available treatment techniques.

I hope that patients suffering from lymphedema, therapists specialized in the treatment and management of lymphedema, and medical professionals interested in learning more about this common and serious condition alike will be able to find support and benefit from the future contents of this resource.

8 comments to Dear Members of the Lymphedema Community!

  • Pam Kwiatkowski

    Has anyone out there had the new procedure being done translocating lymph nodes from other parts of the body to where they have been removed? I am very interested in hearing of any results as I am considering having this done…

  • Martha

    Nearly 20 years after my cancer surgery, I found Dr. J Feldman in 2005 and started lymphadema therapy. Because my condition now is very stable I see him once a year and perform a daily manual drainage. Because my lymphedema was untreated for so may years, I wear a class 2 custom compression sleeve. I am gld to see that there are more efforts to get Medicare to recognize that compression sleeves are part of the treatment.

  • Imen

    Dear Mr. Joachim,

    Question no. 1 : Please could you provide your opinion regarding the benefit of the usage of “Lymphstar Pro” (Lymphatic Therapy Instrument) in the treatment of Lymphedema in general and in Oncology (Breast cancer related Lymphedema) particularly.

    Question no. 2 : Please advise which type of squeeze ball do you recommend for arm lympedema to improve Lymph transport.
    Your prompt answer would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Mrs. Imen

    • Joachim Zuther

      Dear Mrs. Imen:
      There is no evidence available on the effectiveness of these vibrational devices in the treatment and management of primary and secondary lymphedema. We do recommend standard size (about 50mm) gel-filled squeeze balls to assist with decongestive exercises.
      Kind regards.

  • Physician Assistant

    Valuable tips. Successful me I found your web page by mistake, I book-marked it.

  • Pam Kwiatkowski

    I had my firt cellulitis attack approx 2 1/2 yrs ago and was hospitalized for 6 days. I went about 6 months without one but now seem to get one every 3 months or so. They are not correlated with open wounds or excessive usage. I do self MLD (in btw attacks) daily. Any ideas as to why this keeps recurring so frequently?